Pink clay is a popular ingredient in many products as it is a perfect for sensitive skin, a gentle mineral clay rich in silica helps to improve your skins elasticity and cell renewal, leaving you with supple and more youthful looking skin. a Beautiful natural ingredient not as potent as French Green clay, will leave your skin feeling clean, moisturised and supple.


Argan oil a beautiful moisturising ingredient which promotes healthy skin tissue. Rich in vitamin E this soap will absorb quickly and has natural acids like palmitic acid which helps oil mix with water to wash away dirt, stearic acid which has been found to help skins surface not lose moistures, oleic acid which penetrate deeply into the skin cells to help replenish lost moisture.


All our ingredients are consciously prepared with sensitive eczema prone skin in mind and will leave your skin feeling moisturised and healthy. We do not use any filler ingredients in our products each ingredient is well researched and to aid in sensitive skincare.

Pink Clay Soap

  • Handmade with the best quality , Organic coconut milk powder,  organic coconut oil, argan oil and French pink clay.