A natural ingredient beautiful body moisturiser that is easily absorbed, non greasy finish will leave your skin glowing and soft.


Consistency of a butter but absorbs like a cream, Created using natural and organic  ingredients specifically formulated for skin that is sensitive and dry skin.

Unlike using natural oils alone this moisturiser luxurious formulation has avacado butter, coconut oil, apricot oil and essential oils thats are moisturisng  easily absorbed and have lots of amazing benefits which will leave your skin feeling plump and moisturised after one use.


Unlike shea butter based moisturisers our formulation wont leave you with greasy skin, you will notice the difference after one use you will still gives you all the benefits.


It Literally melts in your hands and a little goes a long way.

Perfect for Eczema and Psoriasis as the natural scent comes from essential oils that work best at alleviating irritation.


Apricot oil to improve skin tone and radiance avocado butter rich in vitamins and minerals will leave your skin baby soft. We do not use fillers, chemicals or unnecessary fragrance to reduce any skin reactions or allergies.



Natural Body moisturiser

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  • 200ml moisturiser.

    Wooden Lid

    Please reuse or recycle.