A good skincare routine starts with creating the perfect environment for products to work. Exfoliation is the key element and using gentle exfoliants to remove dead skin cells will increase the skins ability to absorb moisture, nutrients and oils.


Bananas are not my favourite fruit but your skin loves it packed with potassium and zinc will improve the appearance hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 


Gently massage this foaming Himalayan salts scrub to open clogged pores expose new skin layers to the apricot oil’s fatty acids and long moisturising effects.
With a organic Aloe Vera effective moisturisers this product is a game changer! 


Scented with an amazing blend of essential oils to create a beautiful Lemony floral scent. 


All our ingredients are consciously prepared with sensitive eczema prone skin in mind and will leave your skin feeling moisturised and healthy. We do not use any filler ingredients in our products each ingredient is well researched and to aid in sensitive skincare.

Lemon Grass Body scrub

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  • Organic Ingredient Lemon scented body scrub.

    200ml Jar with Lid