We love beautiful high quality items at a great price to create great comfortable design in your home. Our Willow storage trays are a great place to start as they a sturdy and well made and the perfect must have item.


Coffee table styling is a great way to pull a room together and using willow storage baskest are a great way to create a polished styled personalised design and show off your creativity. 


Styling a basket tray can be very great way to to create a streamlined uncluttered coffee table to showcase your personal style, a few tips and tricks are to add height variations in grouping of three to a balanced look for your room. Using folliage and candles will create a contrast in texture and colour.


You can even use a pottery and blooms to create a simple neutral pulled together polished look.  Using a modern  metal or ceramic sculpture to create a timeless effortless look. 


Willow table tray

  • Colour Full buff willow

    Length 35cm

    Width 25 cm

    Height 8 cm